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A New Alphabet Adventure
Alphabet26 has just acquired a couple of prizes of which I didn't know if I would ever get examples. I am excited to put photos of these on the Alphabet26 Web Site so that people will know what I am talking about when I refer to these. Tin alphabet stand-ups came in packages of Cracker Jack before 1931. They are printed in three colors - red and black on a sort of mustard yellow background. They are cheaply made, punched out of a sturdy tin stock that appears to have a primer material on the back side. Each stand-up measures 1-23/32 inches wide by 1-3/32 inches tall. There is a base folded under 1/8 inch which is 1-3/16 inches at the widest point. The corners of the base are curved like the top corners of the prize.

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A Cracker Jack of an Alphabet

It is probably safe to assume that there are 26 letters in this set, but only a few are known. It might be interesting to know if a complete set could be found in the combined collections of all Cracker Jack collectors. I sure would like to add more to my collection. Here is a list of the ones I know of or have heard about:

  • D = DOLL
  • E = ENGINE
  • H = HORSE
  • I = IRON
  • L = LAMB
  • M = MIRROR
  • P = PIG
  • R = RATTLE
  • V = VASE
  • W = WAGON

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