Cracker Jack
Gum Machine

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My friends pictured here
are soft plastic toys
created by designer C. Cary Cloud
and found in Cracker Jack
packages in the 1960s.

Jim Davis -- #1 Cracker Jack Site!
*** 1999 Alphabet26 Cracker Jack Award recipient ***
CJBox Logo Open a Cracker Jack Box and what will you find?  Jim Davis and a surprise in every corner.  The 1999 Alphabet26 Cracker Jack Award goes to Jim Davis' Cracker Jack Box in recognition of the most significant online contribution to the Cracker Jack collecting hobby this year.  This award is based on the presentation and treatment of Cracker Jack prizes and collecting information on the Internet. Congratulations, Jim, on such a fine accomplishment!
Alphabet26 LogoTo learn more about The Alphabet26 Cracker Jack Award, see the related article on the Alphabet26 Feature Page.

Cracker Jack LogoSailor Jack and Bingo's Home
The official Cracker Jack site from the Frito-Lay Company.  Play games, learn Cracker Jack history, and see the latest news and promotions from "the greatest snack ever made."
Frito-Lay Logo Also, visit the website of Frito-Lay, Inc. - the makers of Cracker Jack - to learn about the full line of Cracker Jack snack products and product history.

CJCA Logo Cracker Jack Collectors Association (CJCA)
This is the coolest group of people with whom I have ever been associated. Click above to learn how the CJCA can enhance your collecting experience.
For collecting tips for beginning collectors of all ages, be sure to visit the CJCA Kids Page.

CJCA President Emeritus Ann Brogley
Most Logo
Ann's the collector who got this Cracker Jack group, the CJCA, started, but be careful -- her enthusiasm is contagious.  You will also learn what else she likes to collect.  Pay attention -- there's a quiz later.

Jack Bradley
Here is a collector whose Cracker Jack website is really shaping up.  Several articles and sources for Cracker Jack collecting information are included.  It is a good start for a collector's site that promises to become an asset to the Cracker Jack collecting hobby.

Allegra Mitchell Mott's Legacy
Mott's Miniatures Museum Sign
Read the fascinating story of how a young girl's collection of Cracker Jack prizes grew into a lifelong hobby of collecting and creating miniatures with her husband.  The result was Mott's Miniature Museum located at Knott's Berry Farm in California, which was visited by millions of people until the museum closed in 1992.

C. Carey Cloud
Luke Spence's website devoted to the works of Cracker Jack prize designer C. Carey Cloud.

Here is a section of other related sites.

The Food Timeline
The Food Timeline
How does Cracker Jack fit into the history of food? Find out on The Food Timeline from our friends at the Morris County Library in Whippany, New Jersey. Here's a hint -- Cracker Jack is over 100 years old.

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Cracker Jack
Gum Machine

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