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Help wanted!

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:39 am
by Ginger
Greetings All! :D Here is another lot of items that may or may not be Cracker Jack. :|p If anyone could help me identify some of these prizes, I would certainly appreciate it! -Ginger

The first item is a grey submarine, it is hollow, and I believe you put baking soda in it. The pink boat is solid plastic, the gray battleship boat is a softer plastic (the bottom has a hole in it). The Mickey Mouse is missing some pieces. Did Cracker Jack have Disney prizes?

Second row: The red car says, "1947 Kaiser" on the base, the ship next to it has a small base and is marbelized, and the baby is made of rubber.

The third row: Green planes says, "F9F" on the wing, Red plane "Lido" and "Jet" on the wings, last item is a pipe.

Finally, there is a Man with a sled and several dogs. They look like "snap together" prizes.

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Re: Help wanted!

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:53 pm
by gsullivan
:hiya: Hi Ginger and All, :hiya:

The bright pink boat in the top row is a Cracker Jack snap-together tugboat prize. I have the same boat in this pink color, a lighter pink color, chartreuse, Bright Coral, and Blue colors. I believe it also comes in additional colors. :geek:

In general, Cracker Jack did not issue Disney character prizes and I don't believe your Mickey Mouse character is. However, I know of some Disney-licensed or Disney-related promotions over the years. A recent one was Atlantis sticker prizes in 2001.

I don't recognize any of the other items you picture as being Cracker Jack.

Re: Help wanted!

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2009 2:01 pm
by larrydw
Hello Ginger,
The submarine and PT boat are both cereal premiums, specifically Post Grape Nut Flakes (I know I collected them!) The little baby is not (too many made to identify a mfr), the planes are a maybe in the put-together categories (I don't think they are, but there is a possibility since there are so many of those), the plastic bubble pipe is a no (I have one in pink and white, probably from the 60's. The time frame is right but CJ was into the put together, etc. I believe this was a little too fancy), Mickey is a no, the Eskimo sled team plus is a "?" to no. If the sled is a 2-part then I would say maybe, if it is one piece, I would say no.
Isn't CJ collecting "FUN" Like going to the Antiques Road Show and finding your prize plate, cherished over the years is a carnival prize worth less that the tissue paper used to protect it.
And, as I have said before I have BOXES of non-CJ prizes or wannabees. Keep up the questions!

Re: Help wanted!

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:59 pm
by Ginger
Greetings Gail and Larry!! :hiya:
Thank you both (once again) for your valuable input! It certainly means a great deal to me. I am learning so much from this website, it's amazing. :)clap I don't mind that one to two prizes only turn out to be Cracker Jack. I originally collected gumball prizes/charms/trinkets before I got into collecting Cracker Jack. So some of these items will go into that collection. I like the little bubble pipe and dog sled team regardless of who made them. :D But I will definitely put the bright pink boat in my box of "Snap-togethers" (which is the Cracker Jack pencil tin that I won from Gail on eBay! WOO HOO!) :banana: Larry, I am seeing that you have a sense of humor that often makes me giggle at my computer! :)lol Again, thanks for the help you two! - Ginger