Selling my collection

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Selling my collection

Post by kat_roving » Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:14 pm

As a child during the 50's I started collecting the discarded Cracker Jack toys that my brothers left behind, as well as my favorite prizes from my favorite snack. This continued until about ten years ago when I went back to school.

All this time, I have kept my collection in a wooden box. One or two have been broken by potential boyfriends who never made the grade, I also will offer those for people who might be missing parts.

Here are the paper products first - they are all in excellent condition except where noted
1. Sheriff Rabbit and bad bear #1 of 16 (the last page is loose)
2. farmer in the dell card game ( opened & separated but complete) 1966
3. the japanese stone cutter vol 2 book 2 1966
4. chinese dragon card game 1966 slight crease in front cover. still attached
5. cracker jack play money (with space for your picture) front and back covers have a crease
6. riddle book 4
7. riddle book 17
8. three billy goats gruff vol 2 book 3
9. insect slide card
10. a dog named Whiff vol 1, book 7
11. the tale of peter rabbit vol 1 book 4
12. make your own miniature license plate - the attached spots are bare paper but all the numbers and letters are the way it was packed.
13. # 1382 a put together blue jay - unopened
14. tiny tattoos book 3 (original-unused)
15.tattoos 3 of 14 (original-unused)
16. tattoos Z-1366 (original-unused)
17. mix and match fun characters - still attached
18. Hello 1980 Book 17 - last two pages loose
19. blincode 1967- not punched but does have a paper tear where it was attached (i did mention that I rescued some from brothers)
20. dipsy doodle card game 1966
21. fun book no.6
22. busy book no. 4
23. tiny book no.4
24. the Manhattan skyline - this is slightly worn where the pages connected together, but not torn
25. the great auto race - a maze
26. Mysticolor paint set 1970 with liberty bell on front - intact and unused
27. mysticolor paint set 1970 with sailing ship on cover (ditto)
28. Mysticolor paint set 1970 with spinning top (ditto)
29. Mysticolor paint set with lighthouse (ditto)
30.Note paper cool notes with snowman- unused
31. write on the tip of my tongue -
32. little pad for big ideas -
33. mix and match picture dominoes- intact
34. sweet notes
35. tattoos z-1366 with clown on cover
36. cracker jack wise cracks riddle book 4
37. busy book no 4
38. glow in the dark stickers - 1972
39 funny stickers - z-1386

there are lots more, including some moving toys, but I want to be certain people are interested before I take a lot of pictures.

There are three that I would like to keep - but these need to be cherished and to see the light of day occasionally.

Kathleen Bennett

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Re: Selling my collection

Post by LittleRockRob » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:48 pm

Probably the best way to sell your collection would be to list it on eBay. I would group the prizes into lots of 20 or so, then post each lot separately. Several of us do that selling off duplicates we might have. If you don't have eBay experience yourself, ask your friends, it's very easy to do. Pictues are important. You might want to get on eBay, and search "cracker jack" you will find lots of listings. Some are over priced, many are not cracker jack, but sounds like since you collected them yourself, you will know which are truly CJ. There are plenty of collectors for other types of small prizes also.

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Re: Selling my collection

Post by kat_roving » Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:59 pm

thank you, i will do the ebay thing. I did hear from one of your members interested in moving plastic CJ toys, which I do have a few of. They have wheels and the heads bob up and down. I also have some springy ones where a figure is catapulted into the air.

Yes, I collected them all myself.

Thanks again for the advice.

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