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Post by CLOUDCREST » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:43 pm

Hello Everybody,

Cloudcrest is the cabin where C. Carey Cloud designed, invented, and produced tons of creations. We have been lucky enough to move into the cabin which also has a gorgeous view from Cloudcrest Hills. This has made us very interested in collecting and displaying his creations here in the cabin. We would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about this because we are new to him and his AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!

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Post by Luke » Fri Jan 16, 2009 7:28 am

Did you buy the cabin from John Hoff, or just renting? Either way, it's a lovely place, and the view of the town below is breath taking. In the old days, it was just the house, cabin and barn on the hill. In the 50's, Carey started a subdivision and houses started to pop up every where. The cabin in the picture below, is how it looked when Carey Cloud lived there. Carey Cloud is shown in the doorway with his painting. Additions have been made since then. After his wife Vera died in the 70's, he moved from the big house to live and work in the cabin.

If you're interested in purchasing some of his Cracker Jack toys, eBay is a good place to start. Currently there are 18 of his toys selling there now.

Take good care of the cabin. It's the future home of the Carey Cloud Cracker Jack Museum. :)

- Luke


From Carey Cloud's autobiography Cloud Nine
We bought the high hill one mile south of the village of Nashville, consisting of 195 acres, separating 15,768 acres of state park and forest preserve from the village. The view was grand! The acreage was shaded by the foliage of untold thousands of trees of varied species.

The place had a lovely chalet-type home and a one-hundred-year old caretaker's cabin, which I was later to use for my studio for over thirty years, and where millions of toys were designed.

My brother-in-law, Roy Riggs, a farmer from the flatlands of north central Indiana, came down to view my purchase. He remarked, "Carey, I always thought you were crazy. Now I know it! You can't raise an umbrella on the place!" I was aware that I couldn't raise anything to feed the body, but here was plenty to feed the soul.

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