Seeking Information on "Kaleidoscope Action Card/Stickers"

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Seeking Information on "Kaleidoscope Action Card/Stickers"

Post by nova » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:35 pm

Hi all I'm new to your boards....Not a Cracker Jack Collector...but I collect GI Joe action figures....I'm trying to track down what may be a connection between GI Joe and Cracker Jacks prizes.

I've been given a lenticular card with a red, yellow, and blue Spirograph/Sun-burst design on it's face.

the back reads:
Action Card / Sticker

Flick 'Em fast, Have a Blast
Flick 'Em slow, Watch 'Em Go

(Picture of a Sun-burst design)

Cracker Jack Series #32
Borden, Inc.
COlumbus, OH 43215

14 of 15
I'm hoping that I'll be able to track down the other 14 designs.
Any idea how to narrow down a release window? I believe these were released prior to 1987.

If anybody knows who would have produced these particular prizes, that'd be awesome.

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Re: Seeking Information on "Kaleidoscope Action Card/Stickers"

Post by Harrietj » Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:31 pm

Hello NOVA - We're glad you found our Web Site. I know more about the older prizes than I do about these, but some other collectors specialize in this time period and I'm sure you will hear from them before too long.
I do have two prizes from this series. The one with the 4 points is #2 and the round one is #5.
Only 12 more to identify!
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