Mechanical boy eating Cracker Jack

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Mechanical boy eating Cracker Jack

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Hi -- brand new to the site. Love Cracker Jack but don't collect. My question is: Where is a good web site or list of sites to sell a Cracker Jack prize? I have a Cracker Jack mechanical boy (the one where you slide the tab and he eats Cracker Jack.) It is in pristine condition - it looks brand new, due to the way it has been stored. On the back, in handwriting, it says:

"Russel's Point July 14, 1918"

(Russel's Point is a town on Indian Lake in Ohio, near where granny lived.)

I'd like to find out if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I don't know how much it might be worth.
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Re: Mechanical boy eating Cracker Jack

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There was one that sold on ebay recently for $123.50 . Before you attempt to sell it, you should establish a price you want for it.
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