Cracker Jack Dreams About Sailor Jack & Bingo

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Cracker Jack Dreams About Sailor Jack & Bingo

Post by Betterprizes » Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:10 pm

URGENT About Cracker Jacks!

Dear members. Please read the letter sent to Frito Lay below.If you know of anyone else having these urgent dreams please have them send a copy of the dream to Frito Lay so the proper needed changes can be made!

Thank you!

Dear Sir, Mam, CEO,

I really love eating Cracker Jack and I have been eating them for years. However I need you to know that in a dream last night Sailor & Bingo came to me causing me to feel horribly distraught! They told me that they were extremely sad because the prizes now provided in Cracker Jack are so low quality they are afraid and convinced that less people will purchase their product! They have wanted higher quality prizes for many years but the newest company owner Frito Lay refuses to listen to them or to the many customers that love eating Cracker Jack that feel the same way. After that in my dream Sailor Jack and his dog Bingo Jumped ship and hitch hiked to Nabisco to work in the Mallomar factory never to be seen again! Poor Sailor Jack and Bingo! Poor Cracker Jack Lovers! Needless to say this was an unsettling dream to say the least! The folks at Frito Lay must have Cheese Doodles between their ears not to figure out that higher quality prizes would without question (tremendously) boost sales while making millions of people happy enough to want to go out to spend their money on that next box or bag of Cracker Jack!! Like It Used To Be!

Please listen to the people that really know and care about Cracker Jack and change your poor marketing program by spending a few cents more for higher quality prizes for your customers to enjoy! I guarantee Cracker Jack sales will skyrocket and the upgrade will quickly attract tons of free national publicity in every media! Take a poll or do a simple focus group if you don't believe me! This quality information is worth millions and I'm not even asking for a Sea Whistle! Please reply!

PS. Remember The Sea Whistle Folks? It was my favorite prize!
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Re: Cracker Jack Dreams About Sailor Jack & Bingo

Post by Luke » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:39 pm

Welcome to the forums.

I hate playing censor cop, but part of your dream was far too violent/disturbing. Our forums cater to the young, and the young at heart. I hope you have better dreams tonight.

As a collector, I'd love to see a change up in the prizes, and I'm always hopeful.

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Re: Cracker Jack Dreams About Sailor Jack & Bingo

Post by larrydw » Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:17 am


I would imagine that most of us agree with your sentiment about the quality of prizes. The original owners of CJ cared about the product and its reputation and would often put prizes in the box that were worth more than the popcorn/peanuts but also worth more than for what they were selling the box. When CJ was sold to a conglomerate, the philosophy changed to more profit driven, and I would imagine that this is the current philosophy - that profits speak more than quality, past history, nostalgia, etc.

Without going into too much marketing, I doubt if any approach will result in action unless it is directed at THEIR main objective - namely profits. If profits had gone off the deep end when they switched to paper prizes, then your would have seen a drastic about face. That did not necessarily happen. My opinion is that if you are sincere in your quest that you should concentrate on NOT buying CJ until the prize quality improves and inform them of that approach.

My personal opinion is that if sales continue to decline, the the prize in CJ will be the next thing to go (advertising and marketing have already been curtailed) followed closely by the demise of the brand itself. We are in a lose-lose situation in that the only way to force change is to refuse to buy the product; however, the classic "profit" solution to that is to stop producing the loser product.

Enjoy the lame-o prizes and just think "you may be the one person who buys the LAST box of Cracker Jack".

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