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Re: Riker Mount Information

Post by spudgy » Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:24 am

Thanks, Luke. That's great information and it clears up a lot of confusion. I wasn't aware of "ShadowBoxes411 and FlagCases411" so I plan to check them out and maybe pick up some good tips.
As for how I use these cases, the only one that I don't put actual prizes in is a smaller case which I use to display my membership card and related items that came from CJCA along with my card. I love the cases but rearranging such a large collection each time I have enough new pieces to add takes a long time and removing and replacing the little pins is a hassle. Believe it or not, I mark all the case tops and matching bottoms so that I can always use the same pin holes because making new holes isn't easy. I try my best to keep my collection in sequence by the numbers listed in Larry's CD which is no easy task and shifting everything down to make room is very time-consuming. Later, I hope to build a cabinet to hold the mounts horizontally and if I do, I'll just leave the pins out all the time. At present, I keep all my mounts in the heavy-duty cases they were shipped in but storing them vertically lets the nicely-aligned prizes slip out of place, especially when I have a very thin prize adjacent to a very thick one. One other thing I do, which makes it even harder to stay organized, is I have one set of trays labeled tray A, B, etc. in which I store just one piece per unique prize ID. The second set is in the same sequence, numbered 1, 2, etc, and contains all duplicates. I'm not sure I want to keep it up though considering how much trouble it is. My paper prizes go into plastic sleeves in 3-ring binders with a small ID label applied to each sleeve pocket and all my metal prizes go into tiny, labeled plastic ziplocks in a multi-drawer metal cabinet. ID'ing the prizes correctly is a real challenge.
Sorry about rambling on like that but I do like talking about my collection.
Thanks again,

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Re: Riker Mount Information

Post by Shirleylalala » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:15 am

I buy my Riker mounts from this site. http://sgtriker.com/flock1.htm
I have always had great service and they offer a great variety. I don't keep the pins in though.
I have also found the container store is good for getting see-through compartments for the tin items. They are pretty inexpensive.

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