Presidential Mystery Club coins

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Presidential Mystery Club coins

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I'm collecting the mystery club coins. Just found out that there are "Save this coin" and "Save this medal" variations. Any advice on completing a set?

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Re: Presidential Mystery Club coins

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Hello, nickgatt :)

Welcome to the CJCA forum boards! :D

The Cracker Jack Presidential Coins and Metals are popular with CJ prize collectors as well as coin and political item collectors.

A quick history of these CJ prizes:

The Cracker Jack Mystery Club was started in May of 1933, offering persons who joined first with ten President coins found in boxes of Cracker Jack or Checkers, dropping the number to join to three then increasing the number to five coins later.

There are 31 presidents in the set from the first president, George Washington to newly elected, at the time 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Grover Cleveland's coin has his two non-consecutive terms 22nd and 24th, hence 31 coins instead of 32 coins.

The Cracker Jack Mystery Club sent back to a member who joined a membership certificate and a little gift.
Also sent back to the new member was the number of coins or medals sent in with Canceled stamped on the back of the coin or medal.

Note: There are only TEN President coins that have the word CANCELED stamped on the back. These stamped CANCELED coins are harder to locate than the regular coins or medals.

The Cracker Jack presidential medals were issued toward the end of the production so they are harder to locate than their coin variety types.

In May 1934 The Cracker Jack Company discontinued the distribution of the presidential medals and started inserting picture cards of Movie and Radio Stars in the Cracker Jack Mystery Club boxes.

Cracker Jack Collectors, such as those from CJCA, as well as coin collectors who collect exonumia would have these coins and medals. Also presidential item collectors may have some for sale. On line auction such as eBay are excellent places to look for these fun Cracker Jack prizes, good luck!

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Re: Presidential Mystery Club coins

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These coins sound very cool. Are they engraved on both sides? If anyone would like to post pictures I' love to see them.