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Cracker Jack toys and the holidays (Open to All)
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C. Carey Cloud

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Hello everyone,

I am a new member to the Cracker Jack Association and I want to preserve the legacy of a Great Man C. Carey Cloud. Would you do me the honor of sharing what you know about C. Carey Cloud so we can all gain some insight on his life, I would like to record those type of things.

Stories about when you met him,

Stories if you ever visisted Cloud Crest and how it made you feel,

Stories about your collections on C. Carey Clouds Creations, Pictures, Histories of when it was created, how many pieces in the set etc).

I felt so welcomed and I wish I had brought a tape recorder along. The wisdom and knowledge you all have is great, I was told by one member that some of Daddy Carey (C Carey Cloud) toys were produced several different time.

Thank You for any and everything you can post on him. I appreciate it along with my family.

Ken :drool:
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