Cracker Jack

Alphabet Prizes from Cracker Jack

1970s and '80s

Cracker Jack Slide Card Quiz -- ID 1395 (1970s)

There are many cards in this set, but the alphabet prize is my favorite, of course.

Try to answer the questions before looking at the answers.

[Alphabet Slide Card]

Front and Back Views
of Alphabet Slide Card.
  1. What language has the fewest letters in its alphabet?
  2. How many letters in the English alphabet?
  3. Why does a lady need the letter "Y"?
  4. How many vowels are there?
  5. What letter, when doubled, makes another?

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Magic Motion Fun Card

Cracker Jack Series #19 (1980s)

Set of 26 (of course)
[Magic Motion Fun Card] A is for Airplane; B is for Butterfly; C is for Clown; D is for Duck; E is for Elephant; F is for Frog; G is for Goat; H is for Horse; I is for Igloo; J is for Jack-in-the-Box; K is for Kangaroo; L is for Lion; M is for Monkey; N is for Nickel; O is for Owl; P is for Panda; Q is for Queen; R is for Rabbit; S is for Snowman; T is for Tiger; U is for Unicorn; V is for Volcano; W is for Whale; X is for Xylophone; aY is for Yacht; and Z is for Zebra. I just completed my set of alphabet tilt cards this year thanks to a Cracker Jack friend.   Whether you call them "flickers," "tilters," "wiggle pictures," "groovy movies," "tilt cards," or "lenticulars," everybody knows that means cool action, change, or 3-D effects on a flat printed surface. Lenticular technology was used in Cracker Jack prizes from the 1950s to Present. Naturally, this is my favorite set of lenticulars. Magic Motion is a Trademark of the Optigraphics Corporation.

[Series 21]

Cracker Jack Stickers

Box Series #21 (1980s)

The first variety has numbers and letters to "make your own Mini License Plates." The second item, "Computer Alphabet Stickers," says, "Peel off letters to spell out names, initials, etc. Brighten up cards, notes, toys!" I wonder why the Computer Stickers prize has the statement, "Caution: Do not stick on wallpaper or furniture," and the License Plates doesn't. I guess there just wasn't room. Sorry, I haven't opened any of these yet, so I cannot show you the inside of one.

[Series 21 - Reverse]

Reverse view of Box Series #21 Prizes


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