The Complete Chautauquan:

Circuit Chautauquas

By Jeffrey Scott Maxwell

Here is a list of the towns that were visited by circuit chautauquas organized in this list by state:

Oklahoma, Sapulpa - (1907) Visit The Complete Chautauquan: Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Chautauqua.

Oklahoma, Tulsa - (1905-1908) Managed by Fred W. Bartell of the Associated Chautauquas.  Visit The Complete Chautauquan: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chautauqua for a complete history and schedule.

For more information on Chautauqua activities in Oklahoma, visit Chautauqua in Oklahoma - The Complete Chautauquan.

The following is a list of articles about circuit chautauquas of the early 20th Century:

  • Chautauqua Memories -- By Marjorie Lyford, Carl B. Cone, John M. Harrison, John Gerber, and Herschel Langdon, from Books at Iowa 62 (April 1995).  Subject: A neat collection of first-hand memories of circuit chautauquas.
  • Gathering under the tent: Chautauqua craze had a firm grip on the state -- Posted June 30, 1996; By Tom Fruehling, Gazette staff writer.  Subject: Circuit Chautauquas in Iowa.
  • Nebraska Chautauquas -- By Nebraska State Historical Society.  Subject: Crete Chautauqua Assembly (independent), but also mentions circuit chautauquas in Nebraska.
  • Organization History -- from the Redpath Chautauqua Collection at the University of Iowa Library.  Subject: Circuit chautauqua history.
  • Records of the Redpath Chautauqua -- by Robert A. McCown, from Books at Iowa 19 (November 1973).  Subject: Redpath Chautauqua Bureau.


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