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What others have said about The Complete Chautauquan:


The New Old Time Chautauqua has The Complete Chautauquan listed on its Resources Page:

Resources for historical information about Chautauquas:

The Complete Chautauquan

This is the single most thorough compilation of contemporary and historical information about the presence of Chautauqua in the
U.S.A.   A joy to browse and incredibly detailed.  A must for researchers.


High Plains Chautauqua Announces 2005 Schedule and Scholars for August 2-6

(06/25/05) Director of Programs for the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities Mark E. Skinner wrote to The Complete Chautauquan to let its readers know that this August will have an exciting lineup if of portrayals and workshops with this year’s theme, Shake, Rattle and Roll: 1945-1960.” The event will be held at Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado on August 2-6, 2005.

Historical figures to be portrayed by humanities scholars will be as follows:

Ø       Doug Mishler portrays Edward R. Murrow

Ø       Annette Baldwin portrays Dorothy Thompson.

Ø       Bill Worley portrays Harry S. Truman.

Ø       Paul Vickery portrays Joseph R. McCarthy.

Ø       Marvin Jeffreson portrays Paul Robeson.

Ø       Doris Dwyer portrays Rachel Carson.

Ø       Lenneal Henderson portrays Thurgood Marshall.

Also a pre-Chautauqua event on August 1 at 7 p.m. at the Rialto Theater will feature Doug Mishler in An Evening with Andrew Carnegie: What Americans Owe Each Other.

“Our audience last year totaled 6,400 over four days,” Skinner reported to The Complete Chautauquan. “Also, we’re expanding to a second site (Grand Junction) in 2006,” said Skinner. The Complete Chautauquan will add the dates for both 2006 locations once the information is available. For more information visit High Plains Chautauqua.


The Complete Chautauquan is


(06/24/05) Happy birthday to The Complete Chautauquan. Welcome to what has been called “A must for researchers” and “The single most thorough compilation of contemporary and historical information about the presence of Chautauqua in the USA. The Complete Chautauquan website was started from this single page on June 24, 2000, out of a desire to have a collection of information that could be accessed by the author anywhere, and eventually shared with the world. Thank you, to all who have written over the years and contributed to the success of The Complete Chautauquan.

The author is especially interested in anything to do with Chautauquas in Oklahoma and Kansas. But, as the name of the site implies, The Complete Chautauquan is intended to cover the whole scope of what is Chautauqua, from the Mother Chautauqua in New York, to the Daughter Chautauquas, the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, the Circuit Chautauquas of the early 20th Century, and the Modern Humanities Chautauquas from the mid-1970s to Present. Please feel free to e-mail The Complete Chautauquan with questions if you don’t find what you’re looking for here at The Complete Chautauquan is always interested in adding new or old Chautauqua items to its collection of advertising/promotional materials, programs/readers, and souvenirs/memorabilia. The goal of The Complete Chautauquan in the next year will be to implement in full the Who’s Who in Chautauqua page posted a couple of years ago but never really started or completed. Much more updating will take place in other areas, but that will be in time.


Thornton, Indiana, Chautauqua in Celebration of the Town’s 175th Anniversary

Patricia Gillogly sent the following information:

(06/22/05) The small community of Thorntown, Indiana, will celebrate its 175th anniversary with an 8-day Chautauqua on 9-16 July. Themed days include individual achievement, faith and spirit, archaeology and anthropology, genealogy, cemeteries, fun and entertainment, and community. Lectures, demonstrations, classes, musical entertainment and an art show will take
place in the historic business district. For more information contact the Sugar Creek Historical Society at 765-436-2202.

Patricia Gillogly
Gun Dog Ranch


Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa Chautauqua 2005

(June 14, 2005) Tulsa had a most excellent Chautauqua this past week with its fourteenth consecutive annual program. The Complete Chautauquan was in attendance at every evening event – as it has for twelve years (since June 1994) – and even some of the afternoon workshops. Portraits of the Renaissance: Painters, Pirates, and Playwrights was the 2005 theme of the event held under the big white tent on the OSU-Tulsa campus starting with the Student Chautauqua on June 6 and continuing through June 11, 2005. The Complete Chautauquan observed that the tent used this year resembled a tent viewed in a photo of a 1908 Chautauqua – probably the most authentic looking Chautauqua tent around, although many of the later tents were brown colored for practical purposes. And the location on the hill above OSU-Tulsa’s Auditorium is ideal for such an event. It was a great theme. Has there been another Chautauqua theme in which no character on the program was American-born? I don’t know, but it is an interesting question.

Hank Fincken was the scholar behind the performance of Christopher Columbus. Hank is always an interesting person to watch in whatever character he is performing, and his Columbus is excellent. In the three-part performance, Fincken brought out many aspects of Columbus of which audience members told The Complete Chautauquan they were not aware. Visit The Official Website of Hank Fincken.

Night two was Dr. Sally Ann Drucker in the role of Lucretia Borgia. This was the first performance by Dr. Drucker with The Complete Chautauquan in attendance, but it is evident that she is a seasoned Chautauqua scholar who has toured Chautauquas in nine states. Was Lucretia Borgia as bad as popular history might portray, or was it just a reputation put on her by the men in her life? Drucker leaves that question open for interpretation.

Another experienced Chautauquan is Karen Vuranch who portrayed Grace O’Mally for Tulsa this year. She was a welcome return for the Tulsa Chautauqua audience. Vuranch is an experienced and talented story-teller. And her choice of O’Mally was a good way to expose the audience to a character they might no t know much about.

Dr. Ted Katchel is a Tulsa favorite who regularly serves as a coach and advisor for Chautauqua events. The retired head of the Theater Department at Tulsa Community College has served Chautauqua organizers and audiences well, and this year is no exception. Not only was he on every night as the master of ceremonies in his role as Shakespeare, but he was on target with his Friday night performance as William Shakespeare. Many Chautauqua audience members were overheard saying that Ted’s Shakespeare was their favorite Chautauqua character.

The Complete Chautauquan heard copious praise from audience members about Peter Donaldson’s portrayal of Leonardo da Vinci. Like Fincken, he had cut down and rearranged a play he performs frequently and formatted it for the Chautauqua platform. The children and adults alike were taken back to da Vinci’s studio where they learned of the artist’s life. The interaction with the children and the question and answer session where Donaldson showed his ability to think fast on his feet was excellent. There is already talk that Donaldson might be able to bring his full play to Tulsa in a couple of years. The Complete Chautauquan has heard of a great deal of support for his return already. Visit


Welcome to The Complete Chautauquan

(June 13, 2005) This page is written by Jeffrey Scott Maxwell, a collector of all things related to Chautauqua. This page was started as a collection in itself, and now everyone can share in this collection of interesting facts.


E-mail Recently Received by The Complete Chautauquan

(June 10, 2005) Elana Diaz Bjorkquist is a Chautauqua Scholar from Tucson, Arizona who wrote the following:

I would like to be included as a Chautauqua Scholar on your website. I portray Teresita Urrea, a healer from the 1900's. I'm sponsored by the Arizona Humanities Council. You can read more about me and Urrea at my website http://www/

Ms. Bjorkquist will be added to the Scholar and Character Pages the next time they are updated.


E-mail Recently Received by The Complete Chautauquan


(May 18, 2005) The Complete Chautauquan received the following information from Lake Superior:


Big Top Chautauqua's grand 20th summer season of music making and star gazing runs from June 11 thru September 10 and is filled with 66 of the finest musical performances around.

Tickets are now on sale for all shows. Call toll free at 888-BIG-TENT (888-244-8368) Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm, or order online anytime at

If you are on the Big Top Chautauqua’s mailing list look for the 2005 Summer Guide filled with Chautauqua history and show details

2005 Summer Shows

Sons of Bunyan June 11
New First Night! June 17
Arlo Guthrie June 18
Martin Sexton June 19
Pie & Politics June 21 - FREE!
Best of the Big Top June 22
Monroe Crossing June 23
Riding the Wind June 24
Truely Remarkable Loon June 25
Doc Watson June 25
30th Star
June 26
Centennial Green June 28
Centennial Green June 29
Riding the Wind June 30
Inner Visions Reggae July 1
Freddy Fender
July 2
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
July 3
July 6
Tommy Emmanuel
July 7
Best of the Big Top July 8
Riding the Wind July 9
Natalie MacMaster July 10
Keeper of the Light
July 13
30th Star Film Premiere July 14
Riding the Wind
July 15
Best of the Big Top
July 16
July 17
Old Minnesota
July 20
Best of the Big Top
July 21
Maura O’Connell
July 22
Riding the Wind
July 23
Renegade Radio Hour & the Great Lakes Boys July 24
Best of the Big Top
July 27
Souvenir Views
July 28
Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Joe Ely
July 29

Shawn Colvin July 30
July 31
Best of the Big Top
August 3
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
August 4
August 5
Greg Brown
August 6
Garrison Keillor August 7 at 3pm & 7:30pm
Centennial Green
August 10
August 11
August 12
Best of the Big Top
August 13
The Mills Brothers August 14
Nanci Griffith August 17
August 18
Warren Nelson & Friends
August 19
Earl Scruggs August 20
Old Minnesota
August 21
August 24
August 25
Corey Carlson
August 26
The Teddy Bear Band August 27
Williams & Ree August 27
Riding the Wind
August 28
Best of the Big Top
August 31
September 1
Keeper of the Light
September 2
Kurt Neumann & Sam Llanas of The BoDeans September 3
Riders In The Sky September 4
Centennial Green
September 7
September 8
The Oak Ridge Boys
September 9
Old Last Night! September 10

Order your tickets through our secure website or by calling 715-373-5552 or toll free 888-244-8368 Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


THE Chautauqua Institute 2005 Season Announced

(May 6, 2005) The following is a press release from The Chautauqua Institution:

Chautauqua Institution's 132nd Season

Chautauqua Institution's 132nd season will run from Saturday, June 25 - Sunday, August 28 and feature an outstanding lineup of lectures, symphony, opera, theater, dance, religious programming and popular entertainment.

The Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra is led by Uriel Segal, music director and will perform 22 concerts during the course of the season. Guest conductors include: Stuart Chafetz, John Marcellus, Akira Endo, Grant Cooper, Fabio Mechetti, Joseph Colaneri, Carl St. Clair, Jason Weintraub and Paul Nadler The complete repertoire is available at

The Chautauqua Opera Company will perform four operas (two performances of each) during the season, Madam Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini (July 8 & 11), The Crucible by Robert Ward (July 22 and 25), Lucia of Lammermoor, by Gaetano Donizetti (August 5 & 8), and Meredith Wilson's The Music Man (August19, 21 & 22). For more information,

The Chautauqua Theater Company, under the new leadership of artistic directors Ethan McSweeny and Vivienne Benesch will offer the performance of three plays and staged readings of new works by two of America's most outstanding playwrights. The staged readings are a new innovation in the CTC calendar. The plays will be chosen to directly reflect on the lecture platform of the week. Guest artists, writer and director participate in post show discussions after each performance. The staged reading for
Week One (June 30 - July 2) will reflect on the lecture platform theme: "
Europe Today and Tomorrow." The staged reading for Week Six will reflect on the theme "The Land and Justice." The plays for the season are All My Sons by Arthur Miller/directed by Ethan McSweeny (July 9 - July 16), Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin/directed by Mark Nelson (July 23 - July 30), and Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare/directed by Vivienne Benesch (August 13 - August 20). For more information,

Chautauqua Institution's 2005 Lecture Platform features leading authorities discussing topics of importance and relevance. The morning amphitheater lectures take place Monday thru Friday throughout the course of the season and follow weekly themes. The themes for 2005 are:

·   Week 1 June 26-July 2 Europe Today and Tomorrow

·   Week 2 July 3-9 The World of Work

·   Week 3 July 10-16 The Law in Religion and Society
Abrahamic Week

·   Week 4 July 17-23

·   Why Geography Matters

·   Week 5 July 24-30 The Arts

·   Week 6 July 31-August 6 The Land and Justice

·   Week 7 August 7-13 Living an Ethical Life

·   Week 8 August 14-20 Iraq and its Neighborhood

·   Week 9 August 21-27 The Brain

The department of Religion lectures held at 2:00 p.m. in the Hall of Philosophy will follow the same themes except for the following:

·   Week 2 July 3-9 Faith and Politics

·   Week 4 July 17-23 The Geography of Faith

·   Week 5 July 24-30 Art and Soul

·   Week 9 August 21-27 Love That Does Justice

The complete schedule of speakers and events can be found at:

The Chautauqua Institution is a not-for-profit organization that serves as a community, a center, and a resource where the human spirit is renewed, minds stimulated, faith restored and the arts valued. It has performance venues, hotel, golf, tennis, and educational and recreational facilities.

For nine weeks each year, from late June through late August, the Institution offers a rich blend of arts, a variety of programming and recreational activities. Its educational mission is continued during the rest of the year with programs for older adults such as Elderhostels and other learning opportunities. More information is available at


Merom Bluffs Chautauqua

(March 26, 2005) The Complete Chautauquan reader Trish Bowers wrote the following:


Jeffrey, I saw your mention of the Merom Bluffs chautauqua on the complete chautauquan. There is a mention that you are not sure what it is about. My great grandfather Dr. John J Parker was one of the men who founded the chautauqua on the Merom Bluffs in 1905. My grandmother has passed away recently and my family will be going home to Indiana for the festival this June. All my life my grandmother told us about the festival and according to her it is not just a car show and parade, although they do employ many novelty ideas to allow entire families to enjoy the gathering. The Merom Bluffs chautaqua is like many of the other "daughter chautauquas" the residents come together to celebrate local and american history as well as influential past residents of Merom. The focus seems to be on promoting the family and community units as well as religion, education, political views as well as arts education and appreciation. All in all it is a festival to celebrate unity and history as Merom and all of Sullivan has a strong interest in genealogy and family roots. I hope this helps you with your web report.

Go with god

Trish Bowers


Oklahoma Chautauqua News Briefs 

In coming years, the theme selection for Oklahoma Chautauquas might well be shaped partly by a couple of centennial events that will take place.

Fred W. Bartell of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, brought the circuit chautauquas to Tulsa four years in a row from 1905-1908. The Centennial Tulsa Chautauqua in 1905 will be sure to bring a number of great programs to the OSU-Tulsa campus.

Also of significance is the celebration of the formation of the Oklahoma and Indian Territories into the State of Oklahoma in 1907 -- certainly a good subject for Chautauqua events in 1906 and/or 1907. 

Chautauqua in Oklahoma is supported in part by grants from the Humanities Council of Oklahoma


Important Chautauqua Dates

Historic Model Chautauquas
(Also known as Permanent or Community Chautauquas with contemporary speakers and performers )

·   May 13-August 27, 2005 Boulder, CO: Colorado Chautauqua (Founded 1898) event prices vary.

·   June 11-September 10, 2005Washburn, WI, Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua A series of music performance events under canvas; event prices vary.

·   June 25-September 5, 2005 Lakeside, Ohio (on Lake Erie), Lakeside Chautauqua (Founded 1873) 1-Day Gate Fee $12.75; $8.75 for children; event prices vary.

·   July 9-16, 2005Thorntown, IN, Thorntown 175th Anniversary Chautauqua.

·   July 23-August 7, 2005Huntington, IN, Fountain Park Chautauqua

·   July 26-August 27, 2005 –Chautauqua Institution 2005 Program event prices vary

o       June 26-July 2 (Week 1): Europe Today and Tomorrow

o       July 3-9 (Week 2): The World of Work

o       July 10-16 (Week 3): Law in Religion and Society

o       July 17-23 (Week 4): Why Geography Matters

o       July 24-30 (Week 5): The Arts

o       July 31-August 6 (Week 6): The Land and Justice

o       August 7-13 (Week 7): Living an Ethical Life

o       August 14-20 (Week 8): Iraq and Its Neighborhood

o       August 21-27 (Week 9): The Brain

·   September 24, 2005Getzendaner Park, Waxahachie, TX, Waxahachie Chautauqua Assembly 2005: Food for Thought and Thoughts about Food.

·   February 24-27, 2006DeFuniak Springs, FL, Florida Chautauqua Assembly 2006 (Established 1885, Re-established 1996)

Modern Model Chautauquas
(Also known as Humanities Chautauquas with historic character portrayals by humanities scholars.)

·   June 20-25, 2005 George Washington Carver National Monument, Diamond, MO: Heartland Chautauqua 2005: America the Bountiful

·   June 22-26, 2005 – Huron, OH, Ohio Chautauqua 2005: The Roaring Twenties

·   June 24-28, 2005Liberal, KS: Great Plains Chautauqua: From Sea to Shining Sea

·   June 25-26, 2005Incline Village, NV: Lake Tahoe Chautauqua Festival: Almost Rushmore

·   June 26-29, 2005 Carbondale, IN: 2005 Town Square Chautauqua: Visions and Dreams: The Changing American Landscape

·   June 28-July 2, 2005 – Ashland, OH, Ohio Chautauqua 2005: The Roaring Twenties

·   July 1-5, 2005Legion Park, Sidney, NE: Great Plains Chautauqua: From Sea to Shining Sea

·   July 5-8, 2005Garrett College, McHenry, MD: Maryland Chautauqua 2005: War and Democracy: Personal Journeys

·   July 5-8, 2005Montgomery College-Germantown, Germantown, OH: Maryland Chautauqua 2005: War and Democracy: Personal Journeys

·   July 5-9, 2005Montpelier, OH, Ohio Chautauqua 2005: The Roaring Twenties

·   July 7-10, 2005 – The Community College of Baltimore County, Cantonsville, MD: Maryland Chautauqua 2005: War and Democracy: Personal Journeys

·   July 8-11, 2005Cecil Community College, North East, MD: Maryland Chautauqua 2005: War and Democracy: Personal Journeys

·   July 8-12, 2005Lexington, NE: Great Plains Chautauqua: From Sea to Shining Sea

·   July 11-14, 2005College of Southern Maryland, La Plata, MD: Maryland Chautauqua 2005: War and Democracy: Personal Journeys

·   July 11-14, 2005Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD: Maryland Chautauqua 2005: War and Democracy: Personal Journeys

·   July 12-16, 2005Chester, OH: Ohio Chautauqua 2005: The Roaring Twenties

·   July 15-19, 2005: Sturgis, SD: Great Plains Chautauqua: From Sea to Shining Sea

·   July 17-21, 2005 Rancho San Rafael Park, NV: Great Basin Chautauqua 2005: Head to Head: Great Confrontations in American History General Admission $10; Reserved Seats $20

·   July 19-23, 2005Ohio State University, Columbus, OH: Ohio Chautauqua 2005: The Roaring Twenties

·   July 21-23, 2005 Keene State College, Keene, NH: New Hampshire Chautauqua 2005: 1905: America Reinvents Itself

·   July 22-26, 2005Mobridge City Park, Mobridge, SD: Great Plains Chautauqua: From Sea to Shining Sea

·   July 24, 2005 Greeley State Park, Nashua, NH: New Hampshire Chautauqua 2005: 1905: America Reinvents Itself

·   July 25-27, 2005 Strawberry Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH: New Hampshire Chautauqua 2005: 1905: America Reinvents Itself

·   July 29-August 2, 2005 – Wilson, ND: Great Plains Chautauqua: From Sea to Shining Sea

·   August 2-6, 2005 – Aims Community College, Greeley, CO: High Plains Chautauqua: Shake, Rattle, and Roll: 1945-1960

·   August 5-9, 2005Washburn, ND: Great Plains Chautauqua: From Sea to Shining Sea.

·   August 8-14, 2005 Dakota County Fairgrounds: Dakota Chautauqua 2005

·   September 9-10, 2005Historic Boulder Theater, Boulder City, NV: Boulder City Chautauqua 2005: Head to Head: Great Confrontations in American History.

·   June 5, 2006 – OSU-Tulsa Campus, Tulsa, OK, The Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa Student Chautauqua 2006

·   June 6-10, 2006 – OSU-Tulsa Campus, Tulsa, OK, Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa Chautauqua

·   June 16-20, 2006 Sedan, KS: Great Plains Chautauqua.

·   June 23-27, 2006 MacPherson, KS: Great Plains Chautauqua.

·   June 30-July 4, 2006 Chautauqua Park, Alliance, NE: Great Plains Chautauqua.

·   July 7-11, 2006 Fuller Park, Albion, NE: Great Plains Chautauqua.

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