The Complete Chautauquan

The Arkansas Chautauqua Assembly

By Jeffrey Scott Maxwell

Chautauqua in Siloam Springs, Arkansas

1886, Jul 5-17 - "The second annual session of the Chautauqua Assembly of Arkansas was held at Siloam Springs between July 5 and 17.  The session afforded a great literary, scientific, and educational feast to the people. The good people of Siloam and the adjacent county--old and young--showed their appreciation of the value of having such a Normal training school in their midst, by liberally patronizing the undertaking. Fully two thousand people were present at the opening exercises. Every day of the session added to its popularity and showed an increased attendance. Dr. Cowe, of Washington, Iowa, one of the most talented ministers in the South or West, was the manager and leading lecturer.  He was assisted by the local ministers as well as by several distinguished lecturers from abroad--including Rev. H. A. Tucker, of Parsons, Kansas, Prof. A. M. Sheppard, of Mo., and Prof. L. K. Whiting of Kansas City." [Chaut v7 p42]

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