The Complete Chautauquan

Independent Chautauquas

By Jeffrey Scott Maxwell

Alphabetical Listing of Independent and Community Chautauquas 

Acton Park Chautauqua Assembly, IN 

  • 1884, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1885 - "'The Acton Park Assembly,' Indiana, on the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St.Louis, and Chicago Railroad, twelve miles south-east of Indianapolis.  Five years ago a course of literary lectures was establioshed at the Acton Camp-ground.  The name was changed from "Acton Camp-ground" to "Acton Park Assembly."  Mr . James C. Pulse proposed a Chautauqua Day at Acton Park in 1885.  The audience was large and enthusiastic, James C. Pulse of Greeensburgh was elected president; Miss Ruby Sexton of Rushville, Ind., secretary.  The officers of the Acton Park Assembly are: Hon. Will Cumback, chairman; W. H. R. Reed, superintendent, -- both of Greensburgh, Ind. [Vincent 289].
  • 1886, Jul 27-Aug 8; Rec Aug 6 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 27-Aug 7, rec Aug 4 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Antioch Chautauqua, Anitoch, IN 
  • An article, A Brief Sketch of Antioch College (1853-1921), Robert L. Straker wrote about Dr. Simeon D. Fess, president from 1907 to 1917. "He was most energetic and enterprising. One of his first interests was promotion of the local Chautauqua, at first held in Neff Park in the Glen and later on the college campus. ... Dr. Fess's chief contribution was to keep Antioch alive, and he even promoted its growth. Although he did not have much success in a financial way, enrollments did increase, mostly in art and music, and the Summer Normal School. What an inducement to spend a summer term at Antioch, in beautiful surroundings, at practically no expense and Chautauqua thrown in for good measure!" 
Arkansas Chautauqua Assembly, Siloam Springs, AR 
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]  "The Arkansas Chautauqua Assembly" proposed at a public meeting of the citizens of Siloam Springs, Ark., by E. V. Dolgoruki, Esq., Jan, 31, 1885, has been chartered by the State.  An amphitheatre a hundred by a hundred and twenty feetesd built in the summer of 1885.  The Arkansas Chautauqua Assembly opened its first season June 13, 1885.  The programme was varied, practical, interesting.  Siloam Springs has two thousand inhabitants, and is situated in the south-west corner of Benton County, Arkansas, a mile and a half from the Indian Territory.  The Assembly for 1886 begins July 12.  Officers: C. W. Hinds, president; E. V. Dolgoruki, superintendent. [Vincent 289] 
  • 1886, Jul 5-17 [Chaut v7 p42] 
  • SEE: The Complete Chautauquan: Arkansas Chuatauqua Assembly 
Assembly of the Northwest, Clear Lake, IA 
  • 1876, First Assembly Meeting [Vincent, 41]
  • 1879 (CLSC) [Vincent, 41]
  • 1885, Clear Lak, Io., Assembly was organized in 1876.  It is nearly midway between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, on Clear Lake, in Northern Iowa, a beautiful sheet of water.  The first session was held in the centennial yuear, Rev. J. A.Berry superintendent.  Sessions of 1879 and 1880, superintendent Rev. J. A. Worden.  The 'C. L. S. C.' is recognized at Clear Lake.  There are annually at Clear Lake a camp-meeting, a Sunday-school assembly, a musical festival, and a temperance jubilee.  Officers: Truman Woodford, Milwaukee, Wis., president; Rev. H. W. Bennet, Bloomington, Ill., secretary.  [Vincent 291]
  • 1886, Jul 21-Aug 2 - "Every person engaged to take charge of a department of work was present and ready for duty on the first day of the Assembly. ... Without doubt the Assembly of 1886 was , in every way, the most successful ever held on these historic grounds." [Chaut v7 p42] 
Aurora Chautauqua, Aurora, IL 
  • O. L. Wilson, Supt. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208] 
Bay View Assembly, Petoskey, MI 
  • 1876, August 1, First Annual Camp Meeting. [Vincent 290]
  • 1885, "Bay View Assembly, near Petosky, Mich., at the terminus of the Grand Rapids and Indian Railway.  Six hundred and fifty acres of land overlook a beautiful bay upon Lake Michigan, near the northern extremity of the lower peninsuka of Michigan.  The grounds are under the control of the Michigan Camp-ground Association.  The first annual meeting was held Aug. 1, 1876.  The location is one of rare beauty and healthfulness; the climate equitable; and the pure, cool, northern-lake breezes are invigorating.  Especial facilities are furnished by the railway and steamboat companies.  Nearly one hundred and fifty cottages have already been erected.  There are a large hotel, an auditorium with seating capacity of twenty-five hundred, a chapel. restaurant, good dock, offices, and an excellent system of water-works supplied by inexhaustible fountainsfrom a high point near the centre of the brounds.  There are annually held in Bay View, Sunday-school normal meetings., sessions of the Michigan Ministerial Association; and in the session of 1885 an educational department was organized.  The aim is to make Bay View, Mich., 'a Michigan Chautauqua.'    A C. L. S. C. Recognition Day, Roundtable Conferences, etc., will be held.  The Assembly is thoroughly catholic in spirit, and all denominations have a hearty welcome.  Watson Snyder of Ypsilanti, Michj., is president; Rev. S. Reed of Flint secretary; David Preston, Detroit, treasurer.  John M. Hall has the charge of the 'C. L. S. C.' work; Rev. Washington Gardner, of the Normal Sunday-school Department; and President Lewis R. Fiske, D.D., of Albion College, of the Ministerial Union.  [Vincent 289-90]
  • 1886, First Chautauqua Assembly - "The youngest of the Chautauqua family has just held its first assembly with marked success. Bay View is on the picturesque shore of Little Traverse Bay, in northern Michigan, and is famous for its beautiful grounds, superb prospects, and extreme healthfulness.  For ten years an annual camp-meeting has been held, but this year the management seized the Chautauqua idea of utilizing summer recreations in the interest of popular Christian education.  Under its inspiration, this metropolis of Michigan resorts boomed as never before.  All the departments were largely attended and possessed a large degree of excellence. ... At the closing session of the Board of Trustees of the Bay View Camp Grounds, Bay View Assembly was organized as a separate organization upon an undenominational basis whose Advisory Board is to be elected from all the Protestant evangelical churches in Michigan, the cottage owners and all Chautauquans present to be the electors.  A Chautauqua hall is to be erected next spring.  The future is most auspicious for the Assembly and the C. L. S. C. in Michigan." [Chaut v7 p42] 
  • 1887, Jul 27-Aug 11; Rec Aug 10 [Chaut v7 p567] 
  • 1908, ICA Member, J. M. Hall, manager; Thos. Gordon, Jr., Supt., Howell MI [TLT0208] 
  • 1912, [TP0512] 
Bluff Park, IA 
  • 1886, Rec Aug 6 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 19-29; Rec Jul 26 [Chaut v7 p567] 
Camargo Chautauqua, Camargo, IL
  • 1910., August 14-28
Canby Camp Ground, Canby, OR 
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]  "Canby, Or., a camp-ground, on the Molalla River, midway between Portland and Salem, Or., forty acres.  Ten or twelve years ago the grounds were laid out in blocks and lots, with streets and broad avenues.  A tabernacle a hundred by a hundred and fifty feet was built.  Rev. W. T. Chapman, having attended the annual assemblies at Chautauqua in 1875 and 1876, returned to Oregon an alumnus of the Chautauqua Sunday-school Normal Department.  Arrangements have been made to hold a Chautauqua Assembly the third week of June each year, in the interest of the 'C. L. S. C.' and of normal Sunday-school work.  Information concerning Canby may be received from Rev. W. T. Chapman, Hubbard, Or." [Vincent 290]
  • 1886, Rec June 24 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 12-29; Rec Jul 19 [Chaut v7 p567] 
Canton Chautauqua, Canton, IL 
  • 1908, T. C. Fleming, secretary.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Cazenovia Assembly, Lakeview Camp-ground, Cazenovia, Lake, N.Y. - SEE: Lakeview Assembly

Central Iowa Chautauqua, Tama-Toledo, IA 

  • 1908, J. F. Yothers, secretary, Toledo, Iowa. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208] 
Charles City Assembly, Charles City, IA 
  • 1908, A. D. Clark, secretary. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208] 
Chautauqua Assembly of Southern California, Long Beach, CA 
  • 1884, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Jul 14-26; Rec Jul 24 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 20-Aug 7; Rec Day Aug 6 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY 
  • 1887, Jul 2-Aug 30; Rec Aug 17 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Clarinda Chautauqua, Clarinda, IA 
  • 1897, June 15 beginning of First Chautauqua Assembly 
  • 1908, A. B. Loranz, president. Steel-framed auditorium constructed in 1908 [Magnuson, 163]. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208]. 
  • 1932, Last Assembly Meeting Held 
Clear-Lake  Assembly, Clear Lake, IA - SEE:Assembly of the Northwest

Clyffeside Chautauqua, Ashland, KY 

  • 1908, J. G. Crabbe, manager.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Colorado Chautauqua, Glenn Park, CO 
  • 1887, Jul 4-14 First Assembly Meeting [Chaut v7 p576] 
    • 1887, "Colorado is to have a Chautauqua Assembly. A delightful park has been secured and fitted up, located on the Divide, about fifty miles south of Denver, and within half a mile of Palmer Lake on the Denver and Rio Grande railroad. The Park is immediately at the foot of the Rocky Mountain range, and is sheltered at the rear by a towering cliff, two thousand feet high , and on two sides by small spurs of the range. Streets, parks, reservoirs, drives, walks, and lookout points have been arranged by a skillful landscape engineer. A number of cottages have been built, and also an auditorium The exercises of the Assembly will be under the direction of the Rev. B. T. Vincent of Philadelphia. The Hon. R. H. Gilmore is president of the Association. The Assembly will be held from July 4 to 14. 

    • A fine course of lectures has been arranged for, to be given at the usual lecture hours. Entertaining exercises in the way of stereoptican exhibitions, elocutionary readings, etc., will characterize the occasion, and full opportunity will be given for healthful and appropriate appreciation. 
      The Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle will have a large part of the attention of the Assembly. Round Tables will be held daily, and the otherinteresting exercises which promote the important department of popular reading and study. A Recognition Service is to be held Saturday, July 9, at which members of the Class of '87 will be graduated, passing through the arch, and receiving their diplomas. 
      Daily lessons will be given in the usual Normal class themes, primary teachers' work, and other departments for church activity. Boys and girls' meetings will be held also. 
      Travelers who are anticipating a visit to the West this summer, will find it agreeable and profitable to arrange that this week may be spent at this delightful spot. Monument Park, Manitou Springs, and the "Garden of the Gods," are all within easy reach by railroad from this park, and all the delights of camping and mountain climbing can be enjoyed at and from this point." [Chaut v7 p624-25] 
Colorado Chautauqua Association, Boulder, CO (July 4, 1898 to Present - 103 years).  Concord Encampment, OH 
  • 1887, Aug 29-Sep 3; Rec Sep 1 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Connecticut Chautauqua Assembly, Forestville, CT. Visit The Complete Chautauquan: The Incomplete Collection - Postcards for a view of the Connecticut Chautauqua Assembly. 

Council Bluffs Chautauqua, Council Bluffs, IA. 

  • "Chautauquas have had a rich history in the Council Bluffs area as witnessed by the construction of the 10,000-seat capacity Council Bluffs Chautauqua Amphitheater." Source: Chautauqua Returns to Council Bluffs! 
Dallas Chautauqua, Dallas, TX - July 1906 to July 1907, never was a financial success.  Source: They Called It Chautauqua -- By Michael V. Hazel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- an article that discusses the Dallas Chautauqua and the Waxahachie Chautauqua Assembly. 

Delavan Lake Assembly, Delavan, WI 

  • W. A. Chocrane, president. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208] 
DeFuniak Springs Chautauqua Assembly, DeFuniak Springs, FL - SEE: Florida Chautauqua.

Devil's Lake Assembly, Devil's Lake, ND (TP0711) 

  • "Chautauquas should consider the senbsational, educational and scientific marvel of the century.  Devil's Lake Assembly is reported to have cleared $1,900 on one flight." ~From and ad for the National Aeroplane Association, Chicago, Illinois, in The Platform, July 1911. 
The East Epping Assembly, NH 
  • 1886, First Assembly - "A remarkably successful Assembly was that held at East Epping, New Hampshire, the first week in August. Latest born of the Chautauqua offspring, it proved itselfa vigorous infant. Something of the success of the session must be credited to the delightful grounds of the Hedding Campmeeting Association, with their noble grove, beautiful spring, and unequaled Auditorium.  Four evangelical denominations in the work, viz.: the Baptist, the Congregational, the Free Will Baptist, and the Methodist; to each of whom was assigned a day in the order named.  It would be superfluous to say that the utmost good fellowship and unity prevailed throughout. ... Among the novelties, to many visitors, was a C. L. S. C. Round Table.  The result was the conversion of a considerable number to the C. L. S. C. idea and work.  The question was agitated regarding future work.  Several meetings were held, and the decision arrived at to arrange for another Assembly, to be held next year, and probably on the same grounds." [Chaut v7 p43] 
  • 1887, Aug 15-20; Rec Aug 18 [Chaut v7 p576] 

Enchanted Island, Lake Minnetonka, MN - SEE: North-western Chautauqua

Findlay Lake, NY 

  • W. T. S. Culp, supt. (TP0512) 
Florida Chautauqua, DeFuniak Springs, FL, 1885 to 1920; Revived 1996 to present - SEE:Florida Chautauqua

Fountain Park Assembly, Remington, IN

  • 1908, Robert Parker, Supt. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208] 
Genesee-County Assembly, Longlake, MI
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]  "Gennesee County Assembly, on Long Lake, Gennesee County, Michigan, is a recent organization for summer meetings of the 'C. L. S. C.' in Gennesee County; Rev. William M. Ward, Goodrich, Mich., superintendent, and John Western, Flint, Mich., secretary.  The first meeting was held on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 1885.  Music, lectures, 'C. L. S. C.,' constituted the programme, which seems to have been very enjoyable.  A similar but more elaborate meeting was projected for the summer of 1886."  [Vincent 292]
Glen Echo Chautauqua, MD  Hastings Chautauqua, Hastings, NE 
  • 1908, A. E. Turner, Supt.; Hiram B. Harrison, secretary. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208/TP0512] 
Hedding Camp Meeting Association -- SEE:The East Epping Assembly

Hiawatha, KS 

  • Ewing Herbert, Supt. (TP0512) 
Hiawatha Lake Assembly, Mt. Vernon, OH 
  • 1908, Charles J. Rose, Supt., Granville, Ohio. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208] 
Indianola, IA 
  • 1886, Rec Jun 28 [Chaut v7 p47] 

Inter-State Sunday-school Assembly, Ottawa, KS - SEE: Ottawa Assembly.

Iola, KS (TLT0208) 

  • "Iola, Kans., will continue its Chautauqua using the Redpath Circuit Program."  ~From The Lyceum & Talent, February 1908. 
Island Heights, NJ 
  • 1886, Aug 10-14; Rec Aug 14 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 23-Aug 1; Rec Jul 28 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Island Park Assembly, Rome City, IN 
  • 1879, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1885, "Island Park Assembly, Rome City, Ind., is on the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railway, thirty-five miles north of Fort Wayne.  The Assembly is located on the shores of a lovely lake.  Its banks are heavily wooded, the water is clear, and numerous islands make it excedingly picturesque.  The principal buildings are on the island, twenty acres in extent.  There are wide and well-kept gravel walks, flower-beds, rustic arbors, fountains, bridges, and a forest of young oak trees.  There is a large tabernacle wich will seat twenty-five hundred people, a museum building, art-hall, normal-class room, and a building sheltering a beautiful model of Palestine.  A bridge leads to the mainland, where the kindergarten and C. L. S. C. buildings are located.  The railroad passes within a few rods of the main entrance.  The grounds are brilliantly illuminated by electric lights.  The assembly was organized in 1879, at the suggestion of Dr. A. H. Gillett, who is still superintendent of instruction.  C. L. S. C. recognition services and round-tables have been held annually at Island Park.  In fact, the first public recognition-service ever held anywhere was held here in 1882, the meeting anticipating by a few weeks the first Recognition Day at Chautauqua.  Educational work is carried on in art, kindergarten, music, schools if language, etc., at Island Park.  'The Assembly Record,' a sixteen-page monthly paper, is the organ of the Assembly, edited by Dr. A. H. Gillett, assisted by Prof. J. L. Shearer of Cincinnati, O."  [Vincent 293]
  • 1886, Rec Jul 29 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 26-Aug 8; Jul 28 [Chaut v7 p576] 
  • 1908, J. Frank Snyder, secretary, LaGrange, Ind.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Island Park Assembly, Winfield, KS - SEE:Winfield [Island Park] Assembly

Kansas Methodist-Episcopal Assembly, Lawrence, KS

  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Jun 31-Jul 9 - "The second session of the Sunday School Assembly and Normal Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the state of Kansas, closed July 9, after a session of ten days.  The session was favored with exceptional weather even for sunny Kansas.  Each of the four conferences in the state was well represented.  One hundred two traveling preachers and nine presiding elders were present and gave aid and encouragement to the work.  The attendance was large, one day was estimated at twenty thousand.  While at times the crowd somewhat interfered with the real workyet so devoted were the instructors and so earnest and enthusiastic the pupils, that no lesson was omitted.  The literary part of the program was carried out by men whose praise is in all the churches. ..." [Chaut v7 p43] 
Kentucky Chautauqua, Woodland Park, Lexington, KY 
  • 1887, Jun 28-Jul 8; Rec Jul 7; First Assembly Meeting [Chaut v7 p576] 
    • 1887, "Woodland Park, Lexington is the site of the first Kentucky Assembly. The President of the Association is the Rev. E. H. Pierce, of Danville, Kentucky,; the Superintendent of Instruction. Prof. W. D. McClintock of Richmond, Kentucky, Professor of English in the Chautauqua University. The location chosen is most charming and the management has arranged that satisfactory accomodations can be provided in tent in the Park, or at the hotels of the city. 

    • The Kentucky Assembly will be a convenient point for members of the class of '87 who cannot receive their diplomas at Chautauqua. Reognition Services will be held on July 7. Lectures and entertainments will be the popular features. There will be lectures on literature, science, public questions, and popular themes. There will be humorous talks and readings. A speicalty will be made of evening entertainments with stereoptican views of our land and other lands. 
      The departments of Assembly work will include the usual Sunday-school Normal; music under the direction of Prof. C. C. Case; a Missionary Institute; and a Teacher's Normal Institute in which it is hoped that by giving the philosophy and mathods of teaching, by combining this with the delightful recreations, and all in connection with helpful lectures and and entertainments, the vacation will be utilized so that teachers will be spared hard study and yet greatly benefited in their profession. A large number of special days will be observed. 
Key East Assembly, Key East, NJ
  • 1883, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
Lake Bluff Assembly, Lake Bluff, IL (1874-1898). 
  • 1877, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, From The Chautauquan, October, 1886 (p. 43)  The Assembly at Lake Bluff, Illinois, this year has a large measure of success.  The interest was deep and widespread.  The general attendance upon the various exercises was larger. ... The instruction given and the work performed was very creditable as shown by the excellent written examinations. The classes never have beenvery large, but this season there was a decided increase.  Nearly all denominations were represented .  Much enthusiasm was awakened.  The most notable feature of the whole session was the visit of Chancellor Vincent, who is very popular in this entire region.  A Chautauqua Reunion which had been extensively announced, drew a great many people.  Dr. Vincent gave a fine address on the great lines of work projected by the C. L. S. C.  He captivated all by his unique lecture on "That Boy's Sister."  Those who had heard this before cheered him as he announced his subject.  No one ever tires of his characteristic addresses.  His sermon and his address before the Oxford League elicited great praise, being pronounced the best ever heard from his lips. ... The Chautauqua Camp Fire was a most novel and interesting affair.  Hundreds formed in procession and marched down to the lake shore where a splendid bonfire was lighted. ... August 7th Graduating Exercises occurred.  They were very enjoyable.  Two persons were graduated.  The people were surprised at the excellence of the imporvised services.  The Assembly closed amid much enthusiasm. 
  • 1887, Jul 19-Aug1; Jul 27 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Lake DeFuniak Assembly, DeFuniak Springs, FL - SEE: Florida Chautauqua.

Lake Minnetonka, MN - SEE: North-western Chautauqua

Lakeside Assembly, Lakeside, OH 

  • 1886, From The Chautauquan, October, 1886 (pp. 43-44)  Again we report the Encampment whose relation to the great Chautauqua family is one that does credit to the idea and is doing a vast amount of good.  It is located at Lakeside, Ohio, and is reached by boat from Sandusky, though railroad communication is to be established this year.  The Rev. B. T. Vincent is the Superintendent of Instruction.  The sessions of this year were held between July 20 and August 2, and the work was in happy climax upon the decade of good work done there.  The program was a rare one, in rich advance upon any proceding one.  The attendance was greater than ever before, and every department of work indicated enthusiastic interest upon the part of the people and promised a larger and more wide-spread influence upon local workby the measure of this interest and these numbers. ... The C. L. S. C. Day was a high day.  Chancellor Vincent delivered a lecture in the morning, and conducted the  Recognition Services in the afternoon. ... Much enthusiasm prevailed throughout the Encampment in the interest of this great People's College; Round Tables, Conferences, and the Camp Fire which was lighted on the last Saturday evening of the Encampment,--all indicated that Lakeside is to be a most important center of influence and work on behalf of this movement. 
  • 1887, Jul 19-Aug 1; Rec Jul 27 [Chaut v7 p576] 
  • 1908, Otto H. Magley, secretary, Columbus, Ohio. 1908 ICA Member [TLT0208] 
Lakeview Assembly, Cazenovia, NY
  • "The Cazenovia Assembly was held for a few years on Lakeview Camp-ground, Cazenovia Lake, N.Y.  The meetings were quiute succesful for several years, under the direction of Professor Smythe, W. A. Duncan, Esq., Rev. J. S. Osterander, and others.  Later on the grounds were sold, and the Assembly abandoned."  [Vincent 290]
Lincoln Chautauqua, Lincoln, IL 
  • David Harts, Jr., Supt.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Lincoln Park Chautauqua, Cawker City, KS  Litchfield-Hillborough Chautauqua, Litchfield and Hillsborough, IL  Lithia Springs Chautauqua, Lithia Springs, IL 
  • 1908, J. L. Douthit, manager.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Loveland Encampment, Loveland, OH, 1878
  • 1878, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
Mahtomedi Assembly, Mahtomedi, MN 
  • 1883, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Aug 9-15; Rec Aug 12 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Rec Day Aug 3 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Maine Chautauqua Assembly, Martha's Grove, Fryeburg, ME - SEE: Northern New England Assembly

Maplewood Park Assembly, Waseca, MN 

  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Jul 1-16 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 5-22; Rec Jul 13 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Maranacook Chautauqua, Maranacook, ME, also called Pine Tree C.L.S.C. or the Chautauqua Assembly of Maine - (NOT to be conrfused with the Maine Chautauqua Assembly in Fryeburg, ME.)
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
  • 1886, July 7 opened sixth annual celebration; speaker was Edward Everett Hale [Chaut v7 p45] 
Merom Bluff Chautauqua, Merom, IN (1905-1936) 
  • "Organized nationally to bring culture to rural communities. Merom's 10 day religious and educational event featured concerts, debates, plays, and lectures. Carrie Nation, William Jennings Bryan, William H. Taft, Warren Harding, and Billy Sunday were among the speakers here." -- From the historical marker in Bluff Park found on this website: Merom, Indiana, Unofficial Website
  • A website on Indiana Festivals has the following advertisement: "Merom Bluff Chautauqua -- June 1st-3rd, 2001 -- Merom, Indiana -- Merom Bluff Park. Fur trader encampment, hot air balloon, demonstrations, horse pull, classic cars, crafts, barbecue chicken. Friday 6pm-11pm. Saturday 11am-11pm. Sunday 11am-7pm. For more info call: Donna Adams 812-356-4068"  COMPLETE COMMENT:  I'm not sure what this is, but it sounds fascinating. Anyone care to write and tell me about this? 
  • From  views on the pages at Cinda's Home Page it looks like the modern event might be a car show and parade. 
  • There is a page on the Indiana State Festivals Association site called The Ann Retseck Memorial Grant with biographical information about a community leader and promotor of the event. 
Miami Valley Chautauqua, Franklin, OH 
  • 1908, F. Gillum Cromer, general manager, Dayton, Ohio.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Millersburg Chautauqua, Millersburg, OH 
  • 1908, W. J. Grimes and F. W. Carey, managers; Rev. W. P. Rilling, secretary. August 13-22, 1908. (TLT0208) 
Mississippi Chautauqua, Crystal Springs, MS (1892-1917) 
  • L. M. Dampeer, Jr., secretary. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
  • "Chautauqua Park was created in the late 1800's or early 1900's by the Chautauqua Movement which was prominent at that time. The Chautauqua Assembly attracted people from all over the United States. By 1916, the park had eighty-eight cottages, encircling a tabernacle, a 40 room hotel, restaurant, and grocery. There were ten trains that made daily stops in Crystal Springs bringing visitors to the park" -- source: Crystal Springs, Mississippi: A Brief History 
Missouri Presbyterian Assembly, Pertle Springs, near Warrensburg, MO 
  • 1886, Rec Aug 10 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 27-Aug 5; Rec Aug 4 [Chaut v7 p576] 
  • 1908, J. L. McKee, president, 2510 Perry Ave., Kansas City, Missouri.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Monona Lake Assembly, Madison, WI 
  • 1882, First Chautauqua Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, From The Chautauquan, October, 1886 (pp. 44-45)  The attendance at the Wisconsin Assembly, held at Monona Lake this year, was very large, and the program for fifteen days presented a continual feast of good things.  The Rustic Temple where the C. L. S. C. Round Table was held each afternoon at 5 o'clock, became a very sacred place to those who were priviledged to attend the vesper services. 
  • 1887, Jul 26-Aug 5; Rec Aug 3 [Chaut v7 p576] 
  • 1908, James E. Moseley, secretary.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
  • "Chautauqua Grounds, Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin in Distance."  Postcard from Wisconsin Electronic Reader
  • "Monona Lake Assembly" From Madison Past and Present, 1904; Source: Wisconsin Electronic Reader
Monteagle Assembly, Monteagle, TN 
  • 1882, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Jun 30-Aug 26; Rec Jul 30 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 6-Sep 7; Rec Jul 29 [Chaut v7 p576] 
  • 1908, A. G. Hall, Supt., Nashville, Tenn.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Monterey Assembly, Monterey, CA - SEE: Pacific Coast Sunday-school Assembly.

Mountain Grove Assembly, Berwick, PA 

  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Rec Aug 5 [Chaut v7 p47] 

  • 1887, Rec Day Aug 3 [Chaut v7 p576]
Mountain Lake Park Assembly [The Chautauqua of the Alleghanies], Mountain Lake Park, MD 
  • 1882, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Aug 3-13.  "The mountain glens and glades were never more attractive, and the program for '86 was splendidly conceived and and well-carried forward. Lying, as the grounds do, on the "Picturesque route of America" between Baltimore and Wheeling, in an atmosphere agreeable to the most delicate constitution, the Assembly will continue to draw laregly as the years go by, from Washington, Baltimore, Wheeling, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. ... The Round Lake excursions were occasions of much interest.  The Camp Fire exercises were unique and enjoyable. Long Life to the Mountain Lake Assembly: the "Chautauqua of the Alleghanies." [Chaut v7 p44] 
  • 1887, Aug 2-12; Rec Aug 9 [Chaut v7 p576] 
  • 1908, W. L. Davidson, Supt., 1711 Lamont St., N. W., Washington, D. C.  1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Nebraska Epworth Assembly, Lincoln, NE 
  • L. O. Jones, president. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Nebraska Sunday-school Assembly, Crete, NE 
  • 1882, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
  • 1886, July 1-10, fifth annual Assembly 
  • 1887, Jun 29-Jul 9; Rec Jul 7 [Chaut v7 p576] 
  • 1898, "Financial losses caused backers to dissolve the Crete Assembly in 1898 after competing assemblies emerged in Lincoln, Beatrice, and Long Pine. Nearly twenty other Nebraska towns backed less pretentious programs." Source: Nebraska Chautauquas. 
Neodesha, Kansas. (1906?-1907?) (TLT0807.) 

New England Sunday-school Assembly, South Framingham, MA 

  • 1880, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
  • 1886, Jul 14-28 [Chaut v7 p45] 
  • 1887, Jul 12-Aug 23; Rec Jul 20 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Niagra Assembly, near Toronto, Canada 
  • 1887, Rec Jul 28 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Northern Chautauqua, Marinette, WI 
  • 1908, A. J. Benjamin, Supt., 32 Herold Bldg., Milwaulkee, WI. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Northern New England Sunday-School Assembly and Chautauqua Union,also known as Maine Chautauqua Assembly, Martha's Grove, Fryeburg, ME 
  • 1884, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
  • 1886, Jul 27-Aug 5 [Chaut v7 p45] 
  • 1887, Jul 21-Aug 3; Rec Jul 26 [Chaut v7 p576] 
North-western Chautauqua, Enchanted Island, Lake Minnetonka, MN
  • 1879, First Assembly [Vincent, 42] 
  • 1885, "Lake Minnetonka is fifteen miles west of Minneapolis, Minn., and is 'the Saratoga of the West.'  A joint Chautauqua committee, representing the Circles of St. Paul and Minneapolis, was formed in May 1885; and on Friday, June 1885, an assembly was held at Enchantment Island.  About three hundred Chautauquans and friends were presetn, principally from St. Paul and Minneapolis, though Anoka and Duluth Circles were officially represented, and visitors were present form St. Louis, Mo., and other points.  After a pleasant excursion on the lake, and a lunch, a public meeting was held; William H. Eustis of Minneapolis presideing.  The question of permanent organization was discussed by a number of distinguished gentlemen.  A permanent organizing committee was formed, with power to add to their number, to prepare and adopt a constituition, to elect officers for the coming year, to appoint an executive committee with power to arrange for meetings during the year.  Reports were received from a large number of circles.  The evening session was held around a camp-fire and on the deck of the boat.  There were toasts and songs.  The permanent committee met in July, and elected James Surdam, Esq., if St. paul, chairman, and E. G. Brandebury of Minneapolis, secretary and treasurer.  It was under the auspices of this committee that the 'Recognition Service' was held at Mahtomedi, White Bear Lake.  (See Mahtomedi.)  In Minneapolis and St. Paul, there are more than thirty circles, with a membership of over six hundred.
Ocean Grove, NJ 
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
  • 1886, Jul 10-20 [Chaut v7 p46] 
  • 1887, Jul 9-20; Rec Jul 20 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Old Salem Chautauqua, Petersburg, IL  Ottawa Chautauqua, Ottawa, IL 
  • 1908, Geo. M. Trimble, secretary. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Ottawa Assembly [The Inter-State Sunday-school Assembly], Forest Park, Ottawa, KS. 

Pacific Coast Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle Camp Meeting, also known as Montery Assembly or Pacific Grove Assembly, 1879-1926, Pacific Grove, Monterey, CA 

Pearl City Chautauqua, Austin, MN 
  • 1907, July 26-August 5 [TLT0807] 
  • "Austin, Minn., has arranged for the Redpath Circuit Chautauqua program." ~From The Lyceumite & Talent, February1908. 
Pennsylvania Chautauqua, Mt. Gretna, PA 
  • Mervin G. Filler, chancellor, Carlisle, PA. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Piasa-Bluffs Chautauqua Assembly, Chautauqua, IL 
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
  • W. O. Paisley, manager, Jasper, MO. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Pine Tree C.L.S.C., Maranocook, ME, SEE: 
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
Plainville Chautauqua, Plainville, CT
  • 1910, Jul 26-Aug 3 [Chaut v59 p168]
The Point Breeze Chautauqua, Smithville, OH 
  • J. M. Ebberly, supt. Aug. 1-16, 1908. (TLT0208) 
Point Chautauqua Baptist Union, Point Chautauqua, NY
  • 1878, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
Pontiac Chautauqua, Pontiac, IL 
  • A. C. Folsom, Supt. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Puget Sound Assembly, Puget Sound, Washington Territory 
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
  • 1886, Jul 28 began three weeks' assembly [Chaut v7 p46] 
  • 1887, Jul 18-29; Rec Jul 29 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Rockford Chautauqua, Rockford IL 
  • A. C. Folsom, Supt., Pontiac, IL. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Rock River Assembly, Dixon, IL 
  • 1908, L. A. Beard, Supt., Program Polo, Ill. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Round Lake Assemby, Round Lake, NY 
  • 1878, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
  • 1886, Jul 20-Aug 3; Rec Jul 27 [Chaut v7 p47] 
  • 1887, Jul 20-Aug 5; Rec Aug 27 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Sac City Chautauqua, Sac City, IA  Seaside, NJ 
  • 1887, Aug 1-14; Rec Aug 12 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Sharpsburg Chautauqua, Sharpsburg, IL 
  • 1908, Rev. F. A. Reisner, supt. (TP0512) 
Silver Lake Chautauqua Association, NY 
  • 1887, Rec Aug 4 [Chaut v7 p576] 
South Africa Chautauqua Assembly, Cape Colony, Aftrica, 1885
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
Southern Oregon Chautauqua Association (1892-?), Lithia Park, Ashland, OR  Storm Lake Chautauqua, Storm Lake, IA 
  • 1908, M. M. Moulton, secretary. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Streator Chautauqua, Streator, IL 
  • 1908, J. E. Williams, chairman program. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Sunday-school Parliament, Thousand Islands, NY

Tawawa Theological, Scientific, and Literary Association, Wilberforce, OH, 1883

  • 1883, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
Texas Chautauqua, San Macos, TX
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 42]
Vinton, IA
  • "It is reported that Mark Twain will appear on the program at Vinton, Iowa, as he will be visiting relatives there at the time of the Assembly is in session." ~From The Lyceum and Talent, February 1908.(TLT0208) 
Washington County Chautauqua, Washington, IA 
  • 1908, A. R. Miller, secretary. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Washington Court-House Assembly, near Washington Court-House, Ohio, 1885
  • 1885, First Assembly [Vincent, 41]
Waterloo Chautauqua, Waterloo, IA 
  • O. J. Fullerton, chairman program. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208). 
Waxahachie Chautauqua Assembly, Waxahachie, Texas (1900-1930). 
  • The Ellis County Museum in Waxahachie currently has a small display on the Waxahachie Chautauqua Assembly. 
  • "The Waxahachie Chautauqua Auditorium was restored for the National Bicentennial July 4, 1976.  It is still in use today as a city auditorium for various functions including several visits each year by the Fort Worth Symphony."  Source: Waxahachie Chautauqua Auditorium
  • Article: They Called It Chautauqua -- By Michael V. Hazel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- discusses the Dallas Chautauqua and the Waxahachie Chautauqua Assembly. 
Weldon Springs Chautauqua, Clinton, IL 
  • 1908, E. L. Hoffman, Supt. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
West Union Chautauqua, West Union, IA 
  • 1908, "West Union, Iowa, Chautauqua will hold its session from July 1st to 7th and will have: Lou J. Beauchamp, Parland-Newhall Company, Congressman Jas. E. Watston, "Billy" Sunday, Lady Washington Quartet, Dr. L. G. Herbert, Congressman Foster, Price's Moving Pictures, Innes Band, Rachael Patti Maxon." (TLT0208) 
Wheeling District Chautauqua, Wheeling, WV 
  • 1908, J. W. Leach, secretary, Moundsville, W. Va. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Winfield [Island Park] Chautauqua Assembly, Winfield, KS (1887-1928?)  Winnipiseogee, Weirs, NH 
  • Jul 12-21; Rec Jul 19 [Chaut v7 p576] 
Winona Assembly, Winona Lake, IN. 
  • 1908, Sol. C. Dickey, general manager, Indianapolis, Ind. 1908 ICA Member (TLT0208) 
Worthington Chautauqua (1906-1931), Worthington, MN.  Yosemite Assembly, in Yosemite Valley, CA 
  • 1879, Held only assembly [Vincent, 42]
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