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Cracker Jack Collectors Association Links

Websites of CJCA Members

The Cracker JackĀ® Box

Jim Davis - A web site by a former member of the CJCA Board of Directors dedicated to Cracker Jack collecting and focusing on prizes, premiums, advertising and other Cracker Jack collectibles.

Time Passages Nostalgia Company

Ron Toth, Jr. - Nostalgic Cracker jack Memorabilia, Pop Culture Artifacts, & "Shoe Box Toys" for sale.

The Alphabet 26 Museum

Jeffrey Maxwell's site about plastic prizes with an alphabet theme, especially those from 1950's and '60s Cracker Jack.

Larry White

This site was created by the author of Cracker Jack Toys The Complete, Unofficial Guide for Collectors and Cracker Jack The Unauthorized Guide to Advertising Collectibles. This page has Cracker Jack items for sale.

C. Carey Cloud

Luke Spence's website devoted to the works of Cracker Jack prize designer C. Carey Cloud.

Other Websites

Cracker Jack

The official home of Sailor Jack and Bingo. Frito-Lay has made it the internet site to visit for Cracker Jack fun!

A Surprise Inside!

University of Delaware exhibition of Cracker Jack prize designer John (Wally) Walworth.

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