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Cracker Jack Collectors Association Collecting

Locating Prizes

The easiest way to get prizes is to buy Cracker Jack. Every package comes with a prize. Collectors all over the country look for the red, white, and blue package with Sailor Jack and Bingo on the front.

Trading is another great way to add to a collection. Encourage others to collect prizes and trade extras.

Antique shows, toy shows and flea markets are great places to find Cracker Jack prizes and related items. Prices can range from very expensive to very affordable.

The Cracker Jack Collectors Association (CJCA) is an organization dedicated to collecting Cracker Jack prizes and related items. Many members of the cub will sell their extra prizes by mail. Members gather to buy, sell and trade at the annual conventions.

Books and Magazines

Seven Cracker Jack books by Fred Joyce are offered on a Flash Drive. In total there are over 4000 photos and nearly 500 pages of Cracker Jack prizes, advertising, premiums, boxes, tins, promotions and other memorabilia. In addition, there is extensive information about all of these items plus company activities and personnel from the earliest Cracker Jack Company time through the Borden years. All of this chronicles the Cracker Jack story from the 1890’s through the 1980’s and is primarily based on Harriet Joyce’s extensive collection acquired from over 40 years of enthusiastic collecting. All of the books come on one Flash Drive for $20 with all proceeds going to the Cracker Jack Collectors Association plus $6 shipping. Email Fred at JDERFJ@aol.com if you have any questions.

The newsletter of the CJCA is a great way to learn more about collecting Cracker Jack prizes. The Prize Insider gives the latest information about prizes and sometimes has special features and activities. The newsletter is available to everyone who joins the Cracker Jack Collectors Association. Join CJCA

Cracker Jack Toys: The Complete, Unofficial Guide for Collectors by Larry White; published by Schiffer Publishing in 1997

Cracker Jack: The Unauthorized Guide to Advertising Collectibles by Larry White; published by Schiffer Publishing in 1998

Cracker Jack Prizes by Alex Jaramillo; published by Abbeville Press in 1989
Cracker Jack Collectibles: With Price Guide by Ravi Pina; published by Schiffer Publishing in 1995


After collecting prizes for a while you will need a place to store them. Preserving the value of the prize and being able to enjoy the collection are two considerations.

For years many collectors have used clear plastic pocket pages to display the small prizes. These can be purchased at baseball card shops and flea markets. Collectors put several of these pages into a three-ring binder. Paper, cardboard, and thin plastic prizes fit perfectly into pockets. This helps to keep the collection organized and allows viewing from both sides. Keeping the collection in an album makes the collection portable and easy to show at any time.

Boxes and frames divided into small areas are also convenient for storage and viewing, but they are less portable.

Larger items can be stored in covered cases of all kinds.

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