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     Miscellaneous Chautauqua Links

Chautauqua Institution Scholarship -- An outline of the application process -- for graduate school fine arts students.

Reading Comprehension Questions: The Chautauqua Story from Cobblestone Publishing.
Article on Festival including Chautauqua from Split Tree Press
Keil Ranch Historic Site Chautauqua 1999
Passages Concerning Chautauqua in Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence
"The Chautauqua" by Laura Dunford
National Women's Hall of Fame
Chautauqua South 2000
"Marjorie Main: 'Good for a Lot of Laughs'" by Sylvia Henricks
Rome City, Indiana's Chautauqua Days
The Western Chautuaqua Island Park Assembly in Rome City, Indiana
"Chautuaqua Lite" - an October 21, 1996 Forbes article by Dyan Machan that is critical of the offerings of the Disney Institute
"Chautauqua announces summer series" - an April 23, 2000, The Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado) article by Greg Glasgow
"From Rooms to Ruins: The Boston University HiPArt Project -- Boston University Chautauqua" September 16, 1999
"Chalkin' it Up with Chautauqua" -- a June 4, 1998, Slugwire (University of California, Santa Cruz) article by Jana Klass
"New Chautauqua features nationally known writers" - a September 22, 1999, Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon) article by Bill Varble

Chautauqua Photographs

Chautauqua Tent, Popular Bluff, Missouri, 1993 on Missouri Humanities Council Web Site.
CCHM Chautauqua (Winfield Chautauqua Assembly) from the Cowley County [Kansas] Historical Museum.

Student Chautauqua Programs

History Comes Alive for Young Chautauqua Scholars Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth, NH, 1998 Press Release.
The Young Chautauqua Program: A Personal View by Heidi Estrem, 1996.
Young Chautauqua program seeks participants Staff reports, Tahoe Record-Courier, 11/06/99.

Who's Who -- The People from Chautauqua History

Pond, James Burton (1838-1903) - New York representative of the Redpath Lyceum Bureau.

Tarbell, Ida - wrote for The Chautauquan magazine and The Chautauqua Assembly's Daily Herald newspaper.
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  The Chautauqua Institution
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